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Popular Garage Door Questions

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Popular Garage Door Questions

We know dealing with a malfunctioning garage door is hard, that's why we want to save you the trouble by providing you with the answers you need via the informative FAQs below. Let us know if you want to ask us anything else.

Can I use my old tracks and springs with my new garage door?

In general, it's best to use only the track and springs that come with your new garage door. Attempting to reuse the old hardware components will void your factory warranty and possibly result in personal injury or property damage. Give our technicians a call and we will answer all your questions.

Which type of opener is the best one for me?

The traditional chain drive garage door opener is considered to be the most durable and reliable option. However, it's also the noisiest type. A belt drive model is the quietest choice, but they are often the more expensive one as well. Screw drive units are fast and require very little maintenance., but they tend to be sensitive to temperature variations, and aren't exactly quiet. Consult with our experts to make an informed decision.

Are there different kinds of garage door tracks?

Garage door tracks are installed vertically and horizontally but there are also curved tracks, which connect these two. They are made of plain or galvanized steel and differ in terms of their thickness, width, and length. If you want to replace your tracks, be sure to contact our professional technicians first.

Why are sectional overhead doors so commonly used?

Sectional overhead doors require less space as they fold while opening and thus utilize less of your headroom and backroom. Also, if they somehow get damaged, only the affected panels will need to be replaced and not the entire door. Contact our team if you're looking to get a sectional door installed.

How can I make my garage door be more "green"?

There are a few things you can do. You can replace the panels with ones made from composite lumber. This is a low-cost and low-maintenance material that's as green as it gets. You should also make sure that your door has proper insulation. An R-value of approximately 10 is great, but really, the higher the better. You should also get good quality weather seals to dress the door all around to reduce the energy loss.

Why is my garage door moving slowly?

The blame can fall on several parts. The tension of the springs may need to be adjusted, or the tracks could be dirty and dented, which can impede the movement of your door. When the cables are loose, they cannot pull up or take down the door properly, which will slow down the whole procedure. You need to have our experts take a look in order to properly deal with this problem.


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