Garage Doors Springs

Garage Doors Springs

We offer emergency torsion and extension springs repair, are the best in their replacement and fix spring problems with efficiency

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener is essential to the proper operation of your garage door.

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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

We replace all branded garage doors, are experts in Genie garage door replacement and we replace panels of sectional doors perfectly

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Learn everything which you want to know about garage doors by starting from this FAQ page. Obtain valuable answers on important questions frequently asked by our customers. Use the information to do the right thing in various situations. We are fully committed to helping you with everything you may need.

Skilled and reliable garage door torsion spring repair technicians

We solve your problems by taking you step by step to the most effective methods for garage door repair. We have the answers.

  • Can I use the track and springs from my old garage door when I buy a new one?

    In general, it's best to use only the track and springs that come with your new garage door. Attempting to reuse the old track, springs and hardware will void your factory warranty and possibly result in personal injury or property damage. Give our technicians a call when you're ready for your new door to be installed and we will answer all your questions.

  • Which type of opener is best for me?

    The traditional chain drive garage door openers are considered to be the most durable and reliable. However, they are the least quiet as well. Belt drive units are the quietest of all types. Chain drive units are fast and require little maintenance. Moreover, tend to be sensitive to large temperature variations.

  • Are there different kinds of tracks?

    Garage door tracks are installed vertically and horizontally but there are also curved tracks, which connect these two. They are made of plain or galvanized steel and differ in terms of their thickness, width and length. If you want to replace yours, ask assistance from our professionals.

  • Why are sectional overhead doors widely used?

    Sectional overhead doors use less space in the garage if there is enough space in the ceiling for the panels to open up fully. If any panel is damaged, it can be replaced individually rather that changing the entire door.

  • How can I turn my garage door green?

    The specialists of our garage door service provider recommend choosing composite lumber if you're about to change the current panel. It's a low-cost maintenance material and it's as green as it gets. You must give emphasis to the good insulation of the door and stick with approximately r-8 or r-10 energy efficiency value. Get good quality weather seals to dress the door all around to reduce energy loss. This way, you will help the environment.

  • What must I watch out for before buying a new opener?

    Give priority to its safety features. You must definitely get the latest possible model with at least ½ horse power and sensors for your safety. Then, you must choose among types and the belt drive opener is the most silent one.

  • Why is the garage door moving slowly?

    The blame usually falls on the garage door cables. When the cables are loose, they cannot pull up or take down the door properly slowing down the whole procedure as experts at Garage Door Repair Keller say, but you must examine the other parts, too. 

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