Garage Doors Springs

Garage Doors Springs

We offer emergency torsion and extension springs repair, are the best in their replacement and fix spring problems with efficiency

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener is essential to the proper operation of your garage door.

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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

We replace all branded garage doors, are experts in Genie garage door replacement and we replace panels of sectional doors perfectly

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Experienced and well trained garage door service personnel.

Experts can advise you the best! Take a look of the smartest tips for effective, easy and safe garage door repair.

  • Torsion spring maintenance

    Lubrication is important and you can use a WD-40. Spray it on the springs to make it function smoothly. Our technicians can check the entire spring system to make sure everything is in great condition because improper handling of springs can cause serious injuries. For your safety, our experts will replace parts if required.

  • Customizing Wooden Garage Doors

    Different materials may be considered like hemlock, cedar, and redwood. It must be treated with waterproof stains to protect the wood. You can purchase doors that already have different designs and styles. Tilt-up style is most commonly used. You can also decide if you want two or three layers of wood. You can add a window to make it more appealing.

  • Installing Glass Panels for Your Garage

    If you are interested in keeping your garage aesthetically pleasing while efficient at the same time, Keller garage door expers recommend that you install glass panels for your garage. While fragile, it is far easier to install than normal panels for your garage door and maintenance is not as difficult.

  • Make sure your opener operates at its designated speed

    When you replace your opener, make sure the new motor has sufficient horsepower. This will define the speed with which your door will move. Slow openers will move the door with about 7-8 in/second while fast ones with 9-12 in/sec. Also, make sure your springs are fit to lift your door at an ideal pace.

  • Things to remember when replacing garage doors

    Make sure to take the right measurements and choose the right type of door at the right size. Choose the right material based on the climate. Get insulated garage doors of high r-value and powerful openers. Choose between remote controls with rolling codes or wireless keypads.

  • Springs are heavy and tricky

    They weigh a lot in order to carry the heavy garage door. Hence, you must not attempt to lift or repair them on your own. 

  • Lubrication maintenance is important

    The mechanical garage door parts cannot live without lubricants, but you must choose the right ones and put the right proportions experts of Garage Door Repair Keller recommend. 

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